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I'm currently running a Mandriva(Linux) server with fairly low memory (1GB). At the moment the specs are looking like this(it currently is used for VoIP(sip), MySQL and HTTP):

freememory total freeswap totalswap buffers cached
30         997   840      1003      7       286

When i look at free memory, it does disturb me that its running so low, (30MB!), but the cached is looking ok (286MB, or 25%). I'm used to running Windows in which the cached memory automatically gets released when needed. Would the server be doing this? Is this how Linux memory management works?

Is that enough spare memory in general? Should I endeavor to minimize memory usage?

And the last one, whats the best tool to read memory usage per process? When i look at top, the top usage is 4.2 mem, second one is 0.9, the third was 0.0. So where is it all being used?

I know 1GB isn't a lot, but these servers are from like 2003, and there is no budget for an upgrade Thanks

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Consider my answer here and see if that answers your question. – Wesley May 17 '12 at 4:14

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