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Special for pQd: please, don't change title again. I need to know, how configure Firehol utility on host 1, not firewall 2. And thank you for your reply. I am studying openvpn now.

There is next topology:

  1. Standalone linux with one eth0.
  2. Cisco 2800 series router with opened 555 port.
  3. linux in LAN receiving the incoming traffic.

I need to redirect trafic from host 1 to host 3 throught router 2.

Which simple service can tunnel traffic in my situation?

And how I shuld configure Firehol to redirect to tunnel?

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"Cisco" is a company who makes hundreds (thousands maybe?) of different products. Which one might you be referring to in #2? – EEAA May 17 '12 at 4:36
@ErikA, i fixed it. – scazy May 17 '12 at 4:41

you can use openvpn between both linux boxes. it can use single tcp or udp port [you decide which number - it can be 555 ] to tunnel any type of ip traffic between the hosts.

you can also try to use just ssh to tunnel the traffic.

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