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I am getting this error when I am setting up a ASP.NET MVC3 application onto an IIS server.

HTTP Error 403.18 - Forbidden

The specified request cannot be processed in the application pool that is configured for this resource on the Web server.

However the strange thing comes from below:

Detailed Error Information


IIS Web Core





Error Code


Requested URL


Physical Path


Logon Method

Not yet determined

Logon User
Not yet determined

Is there some kind of 'misconfiguration' whereby the PHP engine somehow interpreted the ASP.NET MVC3 request into a php one? Frankly I don't really understand what went wrong as my local machine works fine with a similar setup (installed PHP, etc using Microsoft Web PI)

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I'm guessing you have URL Rewrite setup in the root of your website for index.php.

So, if you're running your MVC application in a subdirectory, you can unregister that index.php URL rewrite for that subdirectory.

To do this, just open up IIS manager, click on the subdirectory under your website, and use the "Filter:" box to type "rewrite" and it'll let you get into the URL Rewrite config area.

Then you'll probably see a rewrite rule listed there that you'll want to select (click once) and hit "Disable rule" on the right.


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