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I have installed Django on Ubuntu 12.04 behind NGINX with uWSGI. I use Postgresql as the main database for the application however I need to retrieve some data from an Oracle database.

I have successfully installed Instant Client and cx_Oracle and I can connect and query the Oracle database successfully from command line scripts and also from ./ shell. However when I run the application via uwsgi I receive the following error:

InterfaceError: Unable to acquire Oracle environment handle

I am puzzled because when I check ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH they are correct and available to the environment at that point.

Also I am using instantclient version while I am querying an Oracle 10g database.

I have checked a lot of proposed solutions online but nothing seems to work in my case. Anybody has any pointers on what I can try next?

Thanks a lot.

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Would you share the part of your init script that sets those two environment variables? I've had that problem a million times and it has always been a matter of getting the environment configured early enough. I'm hoping to see something in the setup that would help. – khoxsey Aug 21 '12 at 18:15

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