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    uUserId int unsigned NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY

    uUserId int unsigned NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY(uClassId,uUserId)

INSERT INTO tmp_userid
values (18);

INSERT INTO tmp_studentid
values (1,1),

Now, if I try to execute:

SELECT * FROM tmp_userid U
LEFT JOIN tmp_studentid S ON U.uUserId = S.uUserId
where  uClassId = 4;

SELECT * FROM tmp_userid U
LEFT JOIN tmp_studentid S ON U.uUserId = S.uUserId AND uClassId = 4;

returns different result!

Any one can explain this behavior?


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"explain" is exactly what you should be doing. – rackandboneman May 17 '12 at 14:45
Disagree - the meaning of the SQL is not the purpose of EXPLAIN it merely shows the execution plan. In this case matang has not understood why the queries behave differently (it's because they are asking different questions) – symcbean May 17 '12 at 15:29
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if you check execution plans with EXPLAIN you'll see that first query has Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables. T hat's it - mysql does JOINs first, and then filters the result. Since no join output row matches your filter you get empty end result.

The second query does an OUTER JOIN with a condition that is always false, returning NULL for uClassId and uUserId, but since there's no post-join filtering you get results.

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