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I have 'frox' setup as the ftp proxy on one of my servers, but I need to have all traffic to this system to be forwarded to another ftp server. I know about transparent forwarding, but I can't seem to get it to work nor find great documentation. One of my requirements is that only a username WITHOUT the destination server be entered, e.g. ftpuser instead of

Here is a copy of my current conf file:

Port 2121
BindToDevice eth0
User frox
Group frox
WorkingDir /var/cache/frox
 DontChroot Yes
LogLevel 20
LogFile /var/log/frox.log
PidFile  /var/cache/frox/
BounceDefend yes
 CacheModule local
 CacheSize 400
 CacheAll no   # Set to yes to cache non anonymous ftp downloads
MaxForks 60
MaxForksPerHost 4
ACL Allow * - *


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You need to use the rp patch from .
Then you'll get two new configuration options:

# Hardwire the NTP to a destination server
# this allows frox to act as a reverse proxy

# Change the default greeting when running in NTP mode
#NTPGreeting "Welcome to"

That should do what you want..

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