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I've setup a Draytek 3510 IP PBX with 10 VigorPhone 350 handsets. It's all connected through an unmanaged 48port gigabit switch - all structured cabling except patch leads are Cat6. Dhcp is handed out by a Linux server. All PC's and phones are on the same LAN, in the same subnet. Outgoing calls are made through 4 channels of ISDN2e, using th Draytek FXO ISDN card.

I've not setup an IP PBX before. Probably due to inexperience, I'm getting a lot of echo and delay on the phone lines. So, a few questions:

  1. Should the phones be running through a different switch to the PC's?
  2. Which codec should I be using to avoid echo and delays? (spec here: http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigorippbx3510.html)
  3. Are there any other best practices a novice IP PBX'er should follow?

Thanks for your help....

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