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I successfully setup Exim with virtualhost support. But I have a problem right now.

I have three domains:

Exim successfully retrieves emails to these domains and then forwards them to appropriate email addresses set in vhost files for each domain.

But for, I have hundreds of sub-domains such as,,

The problem is, how can I set Exim to capture emails coming to all these sub-domains of based on the vhost file set for

Thanks for your help.

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This depends upon how you set up Exim to handle the lookup; we'd need to see the Router to give a definitive answer.

If you used lsearch, then partial()lsearch as a lookup type instead is probably what you want. See the section "Partial matching in single-key lookups" of The Exim Specification (spec.txt in the distribution, online on the Exim website too, also PDF, PS, etc).

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