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I'm configuring SVN DAV via Apache2 using the following configuration:

<Location /svn/> 
     DAV svn 
     SVNParentPath C:\svn_repository 
     SVNListParentPath on
     Allow from all
     SVNAutoVersioning Off

(PS: I already tried changing "Location /svn/" to "Location /svn" as suggested on other answers)

When I access {http://localhost/svn/project-name/} via HTTP or a WebDAV client (NetDrive for instance), it lists all the files for this project.

But when I access {http://localhost/svn/} via a WebDAV client, it doesn't show the list of repositories. Even though it does via HTTP.

Any hints?

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What's the full config of the Apache vhost? What are you seeing instead of the repositories? – Shane Madden May 19 '12 at 0:27

Can you see a list of all repositories in a web browser pointing at:


If so, with this kind of setup I think it's normal behaviour to have to specify a specific repository. E.g.:


in your SVN client (TortoiseSVN for example).

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