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I'd like to use supervisord to run some commands for my Django project but I keep getting the following error:


2012-05-18 17:52:15,784 INFO spawnerr: can't find command 'source'

If I remove the "source" command, the log shows the same error: can't find command 'python'.

supervisord.conf excerpt:

command=beanstalkd -l -p 11300
command=source /home/mf/virtualenvs/env/bin/activate
command=python command1
command=python command2

I tried removing the directory and adding the absolute path to the commands but I kept getting the same error.

I run supervisord with the following command:

supervisord -c supervisord.conf -l supervisor.log
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There is a great project to simplify the process – FrEaKmAn Sep 17 '15 at 7:43

The source command is only available in bash, and the supervisor command is run by sh. I would recommend using a script to perform your commands:


command = bash /path/to/app/
directory = /path/to/app/
user = ubuntu



beanstalkd -l -p 11300
source /home/mf/virtualenvs/env/bin/activate    
python command1
python command2

The only problem is that supervisor will only have control of the script, not the command(s). If you have a situation where you want supervisor to manage and keep alive a specific process, I would recommend using exec in your bash init file, that way supervisor will have control of your process. E.g.



exec beanstalkd -l -p 11300

You may find this useful:

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The link is broken, but there's a copy in the wayback machine. – Aryeh Leib Taurog Aug 11 '14 at 10:56

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