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I'm testing an Amanda install on an ubuntu 10.04 server as a backup server for primarily OS X 10.6 clients.

The server has been setup and has successfully run backups on specific local directories for about a week. I've installed and configured the OS X client according to the Zmanda wiki article. I don't have an internal DNS server in this test environment, so in the disklist entry on the server I defined the client by IP and not FQDN (ie. /Users/admin test-home-tar).

When I run amcheck on the server, this is the output:

WARNING: selfcheck request failed: Connection timed out
Client check: 2 hosts checked in 73.001 seconds. 1 problem found.

What am I missing to get the client and server to successfully communicate and run a backup?
Do client disklist entries need to be by FQDN?

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