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I want to install Redmine on an air-gapped network. It has no connection to the internet or any other network. As it doesn't need an e-mail server, it doesn't have that either.

My question is, can Redmine work without e-mail functionality?

Technically I could install an e-mail server on the network but I have no permission for that and I don't want to either, as its only purpose would be Redmine and not e-mail functionality in itself.

From the User Guide I would initially conclude 'no' because I can't find it in either the requirements or optional components. However in the configuration it mentions e-mail.

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Yes, it can work without an smtp server, you'll be just missing the mail functionnalities (tracking updates notifications, etc, etc.)

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Thanks. I thought it might be like that but I needed to be sure I didn't overlook anything. This is the first time I'm installing such software. – Erwin Blonk May 24 '12 at 13:39

In the worst case, use the "sendmail" mail transport and install a fake sendmail binary that just discards mail.

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Good one. I'll keep that in mind in case Redmine does something like giving error messages. As I said above, we already have Flyspray but I didn't install that. – Erwin Blonk May 24 '12 at 13:41

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