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I have a Linux dedicated server which runs a bunch of PHP applications. I tried to migrate to Windows Server dedicated server last week, but I lack the IT knowledge in Windows and there are too many compatibility issues (no .htaccess and Helicon Ape making problems with non-English charsets, DNS errors, basic authentication errors, SSL errors and more...).

I need the Windows support for ASP.NET project I'm working on.

Can I somehow connect between a dedicated Linux based server with some small Windows based hosting, so for example will point to an application on the Linux server and will point to some application on the Windows server?

In addition, please take into account that I also make use of SSL.

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Yes. You can have Apache (or nginx or whatever) proxy the request for certain locations through to your IIS server. – Corbin May 21 '12 at 22:56
Corbin, your comment is a great answer - please add it as an actual answer so it can be upvoted and possibly accepted. – Richard Keller May 22 '12 at 1:28

This is possible by creating a DNS entry. You just need to create a DNS entry (A Record) like and point it to IP address of your windows server.

That means, now will point to your windows server ip address.

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