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Note : This is not really a question because I already found the answer but since I didn't find it easily here I will post it so that it can benefit others.

Question : How to read a concatenated PEM file as the one used by apache/mod_ssl directive SSLCACertificateFile ?

Answer (source) :

cat $file|awk 'split_after==1{n++;split_after=0} /-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ {split_after=1} {print > "cert" n ".pem"}'
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This was previously answered on StackOverflow :

awk '
  split_after == 1 {n++;split_after=0}
  /-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ {split_after=1}
  {print > "cert" n ".pem"}' < $file
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Works on Linux only, fails on FreeBSD. –  Michael-O Jan 7 at 22:07

Also worth noting that PEM files are just a collection of keys/certificates inside BEGIN/END blocks, so it's pretty easy to just cut/paste if it's just a single file with one or two interesting entities...

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