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Possible Duplicate:
Can you help me with my capacity planning?

I want to run 4 Magento stores in 2 different installations. 1 is a standalonne installation with 3 languages. The other is a multi-store with 3 different online stores in different domains.

At the moment we have a VPS with 1GB memory, would that be enough?

I ask because I've finished the standalone store and already put it online, and the server is already running on 62% memory. The ideal would be that this is enough as my company wouldn't like to move to a Dedicated Server (as it involves costs).

I'm sure I can try to optimize Magento to run on lower memory (I'm expecting visits averaging 2000/day on all sites), if I could have some tips on the best way to do that Id appreciate it too.

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Almost definitely not. With 2k uniques a day and the equivalent of 6 store views, you should be looking at a dedicated machine at a minimum. Have a look on page 2 here for a bit of guidance, and some sample configurations with estimated figures.

If you want hard figures, your RAM usage would need to be something like this, you don't mention CPU cores, but I would guess 1 or 2

OS -200MB

PHP - 120MB-3GB (4 threads at 30MB each, but with a Max memory/committed memory limit of 768MB per thread)

MySQL - 2GB (8 connections at around 50MB each, with buffers/cache/innodb pool of around 1.6GB minimum)

So your memory limit has been exceeded by a massive margin already. This is the key reason no-one should ever try to run Magento in a VPS, it is just too constrained an environment and usually with shared I/O. You could make it run in your VPS but you'd need aggressive caching or have to be content with it being very slow.

A good shared hosting package (from a proper, specialised Magento host) would outperform a similarly priced VPS by a significant margin and dedicated being the next step up.

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