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How do I have a projector machine always mirror at 1024x768? By default new users get 1920x1200 and non-mirrored.

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@troggy, the question is tagged macosx. – Mark Harrison Jul 11 '09 at 0:46

Here are two command line tools that will set mirroring and display resolution as you need.


usage: mirror [option]  Passing more than one option produces undefined behavior.
  -h            Print this usage and exit.
  -t            Toggle mirroring (default behavior)
  -on           Turn Mirroring On
  -off          Turn Mirroring Off
  -q            Query the Mirroring state and print "on" or "off" to stdout


Usage: ./getsetres [-l | 1..9 ] [ hor_res vert_res]

      -l  list resolution, depth and refresh rate of all displays
    1..9  display # (default: main display)
 hor_res  horizontal resolution
vert_res  vertical resolution

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I thought that mirroring of projectors was done on the projector? Our projectors all have the setting to mirror in the setup screen.

As for resolution, you might need to do some kind of scripting or policy limitations on the users for first login? Im not sure how you can do this in macOS.


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Why the down vote? – Lima Jul 11 '09 at 10:59
Maybe because your response wasn't that useful...? – Matthew Schinckel Jul 18 '09 at 7:24

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