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I'd like to execute a stored procedure via web application that connects to SQL Server. The procedure is to be activated by clicking a link in an email. The link will have to be accessible from a mobile 3g connection, so the link will exist on a DMZ server.

How can I go about protecting and securely setting up this link, without potentially compromising the SQL server?

Is there a safer way to accomplish the same goal?

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There's nothing inherently risky about what you're trying to do, given that you follow a couple of standard security rules:

  • Never expose variables used in the SQL query (ie GET or POST Variables) without ensuring they are clean before executing the query.
  • Ensure the script can't do anything beyond what you expect
  • If it is something the public shouldn't access make sure you password protect it
  • Run the script as a user with the minimum privileges required to do the job. NOT Administrator!
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If you have the resources you would have a SQL server separate from your web interface which sits in the DMZ. This is standard practice to isolate the SQL engine. Mobility interfaces get hammered by all kinds of traffic.

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