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I'm try to install PHP 5.4 and I want to use PDO with the MySQL driver.

However, it seems the php54 package does not configure with the --with-pdo-mysql flag. How can I install this?

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Hmm first off all use ./configure --help to see what options are supported for compiling php5.4.

You could paste here your configure options. I'm guesing that you didnt use option -enable-pdo thats why --with-pdo-mysql doesn't work. But it's only a guessing. Paste your configure options.

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I had the same problem, pdo was enabled yet no drivers were installed after a lot of mucking about i discovered that its quite easy to sort, once you know how! if your php is installed as an apache module, this worked for me (on a mac)

sudo port install php54-mysql

which i guess in linux could be sudo apt-get install php54-mysql?

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