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Is it possible to host website through VPN by using windows and IIS? And if so how do I do that?

How do I deal with the problem that more then me might use the same IP of the VPN provider?

Edit: To explain a lite more what i'm trying to do, I have a server with windows installed on and I'm using IIS to host my websites on it but now i want to host one (only one not all of them) of the websites on this server throught a VPN to get an other public IP to this website.


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Is it possible to host website through VPN by using windows and IIS?

Sure it is - a BVPN is nothing more than a "virtual" network connection, normal routing rules apply. YOu can route any subnet around like you wish.

How do I deal with the problem that more then me might use the same IP of the VPN provider?

You do not. THat is a TOTALLY diferent story - you ask "how can I host a website bhind NAT WIHTOUT (!) beng able to schange the configuzration of the NAT setup. VPN is not relevant here, the same would apply if you would be on the same office connected with Ethernet. ANswer: you can not, you need to be able to set up port forwaring OR have YOUR OWN IP.

THAT SAID: Most VPN Providers do NOT share your IP but give you one tha MAY dynamically change, and it is quite easy to work around it: Take a VPN provider that assigns you a STATIC IP that is ONLY used by you as long as the contract runs. It is not SO hard to use google to find one (don't want to name any here).

Is it possible to only host one site through the VPN and not all of them? – Frozendragon May 24 '12 at 8:21
Sure, but the one site on the IP on the VPN, the others not. Seriously - you have any idea how networks operate? The question stems of "I dont know what an IP adddress is". You basicall ask "Can I put one person to answer a specific phone, while the ohters answer to another phone number on another phone". Sure. THat is where IP addresses and DNS come in. – TomTom May 24 '12 at 9:04
I meant more on a software level. I don't really know how to connect only the site. Normally you connect the computer the computer and all software that run on the network through the VPN but i want to connect only a specific program (IIS) and a specific site through it. – Frozendragon May 24 '12 at 9:11
AH - you do not. You firewall filter out all ports exceept those you want (which is 80, possibly 442) and then configure IIS properly to show that site on the IP. – TomTom May 24 '12 at 11:00

So, if I understood what you need, you have your webserver working on his own IP and you have another server with a public ip which is a vpn server, right?

In this context, you connect the webserver to the vpn server as a vpn client, you forward port 80 (or 443 or whatever port you will be using for the site) on the vpn server to the webserver local IP (using the vpn) and on the webserver, you register the site you want to access with the vpn to listen on the LAN IP (from the vpn connection) instead of the webserver public IP.


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