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Is it there a way to make duplicity backups to google drive?

As far as I understand, WebDav and FTP are not supported by google drive. But maybe there is an extension to duplicity in the works?

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The only way (IMO) would be to configure a Windows system with Google Drive (there's no Linux client yet, not sure about OSX), share the Google Drive folder, and then mount it on your target *nix system with Samba and use it as a backup target.

It would be convoluted, prone to errors and breakage, and probably perform pretty badly. But you could, if you really had to.

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There used to be a plugin for GoogleDocs (announcement), but that one seems to have stopped working at the time GoogleDrive was introduced. I shortly looked into it, and it seems to me that some of the Google GData client libraries (which the plugin uses) still need to be updated.

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This guy seems to have it figured out. When I tried on Ubuntu 11.10, I had an earlier version of duplicity than what he uses. I updated to v0.6.19, and it works like a charm.

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