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I have a need in my PHP application (using Zend Framework for what it matters), to import a CSV file into a MySQL database.

I currently do this by using shell_exec() to run a myysqlimport command the imports the file successfully. To make this work, I had to add set-variable=local-infile=1 into my /etc/my.cnf. I have also granted File_priv within MySQL to the user that I run the script as.

However, I understand this may not be secure. What is the correct way to allow mysqlimport to run securely, for only one user?

I'm using MySQL version 5.0.77 on a CentOS Linux server, with PHP 5.2.12.

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I recommand that you use "LOAD DATA INFILE" Sql Query instead of shell_exec with mysqlimport :

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