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I have blocked emails to some addresses by using line like                  ERROR:"550 Mailbox disabled for this recipient"

But I am getting lot of messages from "Mail Delivery Subsystem". How do I disable getting MAILER-DAEMON notifications only for this user? I can do this in my email client but I was hoping for more efficient method to stop server from sending such emails.

I do not want the other mails from "Mail Delivery Subsystem" to be stopped. The error message should not be sent for the addresses which I have manually blocked in access map.

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At first glance, warren's answer seems to suggest that you dump all messages, but of course you could set up procmail to only dump the ones from MAILER-DAEMON which actually refer to This is done with something like

# Postmaster notifications: Move to doublebounces if refering to
:0 H
* ^From: .*
* ^Subject: (Postmaster notify|Returned mail): .*
{ :0 B

Your questions does not clearly state which type of bounces you get. I assume it is so-called double bounces. You might want to have a look at a more sophisticaed solution which I posted at Sysadmin'ish Blog: Selective Sendmail Postmaster

Note: Above procmail recipes are meant for large servers and try to minimize the load. The 2 recipes could be converted to 1, however slightly more expensive.

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You could setup a procmail recipe to just dump the messages to /dev/null from that address/domain.

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