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I need to be able to route mail to user.@ to user@. I know I can do it easily with + addressing, but the business requirement is for dot-addressing. The virtusertable file can't handle it - using user* doesn't do anything for me. The section is created dynamically by automated regression tests, so a static list in /etc/aliases won't cut it either. How do I handle this?

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At the bottom of your sendmail.mc file add the following lines:

R$+ . < @ $=w . > $*         $: $1 < @ $2 . > $3

Keep in mind that the left hand side of the rule is separated from the right hand side using tabs and not spaces. So do not copy-paste, type the rule. Next build sendmail.cf and restart sendmail according to your system's guidelines. For example in Debian and Ubuntu systems one can run sendmailconfig.

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Is there a way to do this using the sendmail.cf file? –  ewwhite May 24 '12 at 18:50
Yes, but you really want to avoid hacking / editing sendmail.cf directly. –  adamo May 24 '12 at 18:59

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