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I have setup a website in a virtual machine running in VMWare Workstation (Trial).

I need to access that website in our LAN network. But there is a proxy on our the LAN. When I try to access the website on Host machine without proxy, it works. But with proxy it does not access the VM website. But without proxy I can't access the website from other machines inside the network.

How can I achieve that?

Note: I don't have any control over LAN and proxy configuration.

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If you have no control over the Proxy, try not using it for local addresses.

enter image description here

If that doesn't work, or poses other problems, you can specify the IP by clicking on 'Advanced'.

enter image description here

However, you should never attempt to run a service, somewhere on a network without notifying/asking the network admins. In most companies, this is a fireable offense.

And, I'm pretty sure you can't use the trail version to provide a production service.

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Hi @Bart De Vos, I have already tried both of those option. Does not make any difference. Actually its third party service which we are running internally for our initial testing. – Scorpion May 24 '12 at 19:10

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