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I need to have Postfix set up to work with Lamson. Despite my research on the web, i haven't figured out how to configure postfix.

I'll have a server (A) that will forward all its email to a second server (B) (postfix/Lamson). After some processing, server B will forward the email to different mailboxes on a third server (C).

I can imagine postfix (server B) receiving all its email from server A in a single maildir, lamson (server B) processing the email from this maildir (using the method described here: and "relaying" it to postfix (server B) for it to do the actual sending to the different mailboxes on server C.

How can I configure postfix to do this? (one maildir for email server A, one for email from lamson...?) I am even on the right track?

Thanks for your help!!

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As the Lamson FAQ says, it is a fully compliant SMTP server.

Hence, you would connect Server A directly to Lamson on Server B, without any need for postfix.

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I understood that, but it's stated that lamson is not that performant to receive and deliver lots of email (in the About page and here on Librelist). Hence the idea to use postfix. – Eddelatre May 25 '12 at 12:12
The lamson site died, here is the FAQ:… – Mark Oct 15 '15 at 20:30

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