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I have a folder in a shared network path which I want used as a template -- It contains many subfolders with naming conventions. This folder is meant for users to copy, and then rename their newly created copy.

What I do not want is a user renaming my template folder. Thus, I want to deny the permission to rename the folder.

It was my understanding that to deny renaming you simply had to deny the delete permissions; but this appears to be incorrect.

I am not the owner of the folder, the folder is set to Read-only, and I am STILL able to rename with the follow permissions:

  • Traverse folder / execute file
  • List folder / read data
  • Read attributes
  • Read extended attributes
  • Read permissions

What permissions must I remove, or what can I do to prevent the folder from being renamed so that users may only look at the folder and copy it?

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You will also need to set these permissions on the parent folder of the one you're trying to protect.

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After reading this I noticed my template folder can be renamed, but its subfolder are protected from being renamed. This is silly though as I do not want to put my template folder under a parent folder for the rename permissions to work; it would needlessly complicate my template folder. I guess I have no choice though. –  Fase May 25 '12 at 18:53

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