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I have this scenario:

Website1 ( Website2 (

In IIS 6.0 is set up as a web site. There is a subfolder in called site2 that I want to use to serve up site2 content.

However, I still want to be able to use usercontrols that are in site1 in site2. So I think I want site2 to still be part of site1's application? Or would it be recommended to make site2 an application? But, then I believe they can't share user controls as easily?

In addition, when a user goes to I want them to see the content of, but I want the address to remain as if the site2 folder is the root. I don't want something like or even

Is this possible? I have found many posts saying I can do this using url rewrites with IIS7 any maybe the same idea can be applied to IIS 6 but I haven't found anything on how exactly to do this in IIS 6.

edit: Is it as simple as setting up some kind of url rewrite so that requests to map to

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