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I am trying to reset the hitcnt stats on all the access-list on all interfaces on my ASA5550.

I know about the clear <access-list> counters command.

But isn't there a way to clear the counters on ALL access-lists?

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You'll have to manually go through and clear every access list. If you want a short list of which ACLs are applied to interfaces do a show run access-group. Or reboot your ASA.

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Thanks, that's pretty stupid from Cisco...obviously a reboot of the ASA is out of the question. – Alex May 30 '12 at 22:47

You could use a tcl script to reset hitcnt on all access-list.


set al [ exec "show access-list\" ]
set my_al [regexp -all -nocase -line -inline {#TODO} $al]

foreach nb $my_al {
       exec "clear $nb counters"

Edit : Start a small example in tcl but I have no router on hand, so it is not complete.

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