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I have a Java application server (GlassFish, indeed, but the problem is the same for any other application server, I guess), running on port 8080. And I have IIS 7.5 listening on port 80 as by default configuration.

I want to avoid people typing the port because it's unprofessional. So I want that when somebody types


the traffic is directed to IIS. And this is how it already works now. But I also want that when somebody types


the traffic is directed to port 8080 and consequently my GlassFish splash screen is displayed. If I have deployed an application on GlassFish under context root app1, typing


should access the application.

How can I do this? I have tried with adding some rules with the URL Rewrite utility from IIS7.5 UI, but this shows the port after the rule has rewritten the url, and I want to avoid it.

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You have several choices, but I recommend


Microsoft's ARR is another approach but is heavier-weighted,


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