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I'm building my new blog on Tumblr, I've already got all my old WordPress posts and migrated them to their new home. The problem is that the Tumblr permalinks are different from the WordPress ones (the post title part), so I want to know how I can manually redirect URLs like:


Is there any way I can do this without having to use regex to insert the post-title part on the new URL, because I want to make this all manually.

PS: I don't care about the time it will take

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You could just make a map of the from and to URLs in your httpd.conf file like so;

 <VirtualHost *:80>

 # map relative URLs under to the 
 # remote URL with a 302 redirect
 Redirect permanent /2012/3/post-title-something-test
 Redirect permanent /2012/3/post-title-something-2
 Redirect permanent /2012/3/post-title-something-3

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