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I have an APC 1500 - About a year ago, I could hear the battery back up kick in and a message would say that I was now on battery back up. There was/is no power failure and no reason for the battery to kick in. This happens about 5 times a week.

I only have a Mac Pro, 2 monitors on battery back up and a G-Drive on surge protection.

Starting a few days ago, the APS 1500 just started to have an F01 failure kicking the Mac & monitors off. The alarm sounds. When I go to reset, everything works fine.

The battery shows 100%. I am using about 345 watts and the system is at 38% capacity. It also shows that the battery will last about 13 minutes with that power. Plenty of time to shut down normally if there is a power failure. I can not figure out what is wrong. There is no battery overload. Could my APC 1500 be going bad?

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