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Is it possible to configure java in unix to always add a JRE parameter whenever java is run? e.g.

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You can create a wrapper script and add it to your path. Something like this


java "$@"  

Call it or some other fancy name and just use it in place of the java binary. Of course this one is pretty basic but I am sure it caters for like 90% of the cases. As a shell exercise, you could make it an alias for your user (but then it only works for your user):

# alias java='java'
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+1 Recommend double-quoting $@ to preserve arguments in the face of whitespace. (Sorry, I'd have edited that in myself, but I have repeatedly, comically, and miserably failed the CAPTCHA.) – pilcrow Aug 18 '12 at 15:02

IBM java has support for a file, where each line specifies one Java system property or command line option. but I can't see anything similar for the oracle JDK, and there is a similar thread gone unanswered here;

stracing openjdk during startup, seems to indicate that it does not look for any ".properties" files, so I am guessing that the answer is no. But there might be a Java expert come along with a better answer.

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You could create an alias

alias java='java'

You could also play around with Application Resource Files which may be more appropriate.

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