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I just wondered if anyone could suggest some software and maybe provide example of how to setup a VIP between two servers?

Basically the problem is i want to setup two access servers with a VIP so that users can go to one address / ip, then it sends that the the current active host for login.

I have setup UCARP before with mysql, but not sure if this is the best option and what to monitor etc...

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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If you want to have failover, then pacemmaker is likely what you a looking for. It can be used to have a ip that will be floating between 2 servers in a passive/active setup.

And it take care of stopping and restarting services.

UCARP is mainly for firewall, IIRC, and work well too; You need to share connexion table with ctsync if you do not want to have active connection cut however.

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What do you want other than moving the VIP from one server to the other in case of failure? There are many HA solutions for Linux system such as heartbeat and keepalived. They are good and stable.

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So i just want the VIP to move if the system stops responding (EG wont accept people connecting to it or logging in), thats pretty much it. – Tony May 28 '12 at 10:58

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