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I've come across a problem that occurred in Windows 7 SP1, with Outlook 2010 SP1 with users connected to a Server 2008 R2 environment with Roaming Profiles and in particular Roaming App Data.

When you try to create a new Outlook Signature on a new user you get:

 "A file error has occurred"  
 \\server\FolderRedirections\%User%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\
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The fix for this is to do the following as the User:

  1. Open Windows (File) Explorer and type %AppData% in the Address Bar
  2. Navigate to ...\Microsoft\Signatures
  3. Right click on the Signatures folder, select Properties, Offline Files and click Sync Now

Once successfully synced you should be able to create Signatures from Outlook.

Note this does not seem to happen on WinXP, and no matter how many times the user logs on and off, this folder doesn't seem to Sync.

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