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My apologies if this question seems dense - I'm fairly new to linux/Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure I had installed libmdbodbc some time ago on my Precise Pangolin version of Ubuntu, but recently when I tried to use it, it's no longer there.

I tried to reinstall via:

sudo apt-get install libmdbodbc

but I get an Unable to locate package libmdbodbc.

It appears that this library has been "deleted" from the Ubuntu repository.
I didn't intentionally remove this, so could it have been removed possibly when I clicked yes to install a bunch of security updates?

Does anyone have any insight into why it would be removed from the repository (or if/when it would be added back). I kind of require it, so what are my options?

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According to Ubuntu Packages the name of libmdbodc is now libmdbodbc1 starting in Precise. I suspect you were thinking of a previous Ubuntu installation or it's something that changed during the beta process for 12.04.

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It looks like the package name has change to libmdbodbc1 in Precise.

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