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So I followed the instructions of the great post left here and the associated posts mentioned for Trac + VisualSVN on windows.

I have set everything up - and when I run the "post-commit.cmd" - I get no errors at all.

My problem is - that Trac does not update tickets after I submit a commit and I cannot figure out why ? I turned Logging on in Trac - and when I run the post-commit.cmd script from the hooks folder I get the line below, but no tickets update?

Trac[svn_fs] DEBUG: Subversion bindings imported

Does anyone have any ideas how I can somehow figure out why its not updating Tickets from the SVN ?

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Please try update to latest VisualSVN Server 2.0.5 and updated Trac plugin.

Also make sure that PYTHONHOME environment variable points to Python packaged with VisualSVN Server Trac plugin (C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\trac\python by default)

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