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We have a dedicated server hosting one website, say www.example.com and another 20 websites hosted on shared servers elsewhere.

How can I transfer those multiple websites and host them on our dedicated server?

We have Linux, Ubuntu server with Plesk Control.

I created a new domain using Plesk which then created various folders for hosting space and uploaded index.htm and other files to httpdocs folder using FTP. httpdocs is by default where all static files go, as I understand.

Now Plesk has added this domain and allows me to edit DNS settings, in which it has a record type as NS, which I understand is the nameserver.

Do I need need to change the nameserver at the domain registrar to the one mentioned in NS? Or how can we point the domains here?

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Yes you can.

  1. migrate the content to the new server
  2. configure the web server to support the new domains/sites
  3. change DNS for the domains so they point at the new server's IP address

Since your question is so light on detail, that basic plan will have to do.

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  1. Setup virtual host in configuration of your web server software. As you haven't specified your web server, I can't further help with this.

  2. In virtual host definition, there's a DocumentRoot value (directory) which tells web server where to point if particular domain is requested. Put website files in this directory. Setup databases if required so that your web apps would work properly.

  3. Point domain name to correct virtual host IP by modifying DNS.

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Do you have Plesk on both the places (Dedicated server and shared hosting)?

In that case, you can directly transfer your domain from one plesk account to another plesk account.

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