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I have recorded data through perfmon.msc, and save the data. The extension of the Data is .blg.

.blg file Whenever i double click the file the below windows get open. here, i can't see any log which i have recorded enter image description here

Please advice how to open this .blg file.

Thanks & Regards, Param

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Try harder Googling, first entry when searching for open .blg:

To open the blg file, follow steps below

  1. Click start>>run
  2. Type perfmon and press enter
  3. In system monitor cselect and remove the counters currently shown by hitting the delete button
  4. Click the fourth button that says "View log data" this button has a cylinder icon
  5. Point and open the blg file.
  6. To view the log you can click the + sign button which is the 8th button on the top. add the counters and objects that you want to view.
  7. You can also adjust the graph scale by rihgt clicking inside the graph.
  8. To highlight a particular counter line, select the bulb icon on the top and click on a counter or a line in teh graph.
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