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I'm trying to configure lighttpd so that:

  • uses config1
  • any other URL on uses config2
  • any url on uses config2

So basically, domain1 and domain2 should use the same configuration except for when domain1 is accessed via an URL that starts with /admin

I tried so far a number of variations, including this one:

$HTTP["host"] =~ "" {
  $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/admin" {
    // config1

    alias.url = ("/media/admin" => "/usr/share...",
                 "/static" => "/var/www/...")

    url.rewrite-once = (
      "^(/media/admin.*)$" => "$1",
      "^(/static.*)$" => "$1",
      "^/favicon\.ico$" => "/media/favicon.ico",
      "^(/.*)$" => "/application.fcgi$1",
    fastcgi.debug = 1

    fastcgi.server = (
      "/application.fcgi" => (
          "main" => (
              "socket" => "/var/www/application/application.sock",
              "check-local" => "disable",

  } else $HTTP["url"] !~ "^/admin" {
    // config2

$HTTP["host"] !~ "" {
   // config2

But no matter what, accessing yields a 404.

Is there anything that I am missing?

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If it's returning 404 I would think that it's actually the contents of config1 which is the problem. – mgorven May 31 '12 at 0:19
Indeed, I figured out that accessing /admin fails, whereas accessing the fastcgi URL that is part of config1 works (/app.fcgi/admin). I will update the question with more details – Manuel Bernhardt Jun 1 '12 at 9:40
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NOTE: url rewriting does not work within a $HTTP["url"] conditional.

Also the rewrites must always use the absolute path, so you should prefix your matches with /admin, and targets and the fastcgi.server match too.

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