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I have Windows XP with browsershots installed on it, which is used to generate automatic screenshots from different webpages. Additionally I've installed there cygwin with sshd and enabled option "Allow service to interact with desktop" for remote access.
From time, to time I change some portion of code, then I want to remotely update and restart factory. While I restart factory directly from Windows XP, it works without problems. When I connect via ssh, and restart factory cygstart script.bat, it works until it receive request for screenshots. Then, I've got:

error: (5, 'ClipCursor', 'Access is denied.')

I think, that problem exists in my permissions, but I cannot find solution. Folder with script have privileges:

Administrator - allow all
Administrators -- allow all
Everyone -- allow all
None -- allow all
SYSTEM -- allow all
Users -- allow all

Folder with Python2.7

Like above.

Folder with cygwin

Like above.

I don't know how to configure permissions to allow remote user to run this script without "Access is denied".

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