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I'm trying to write a puppet template. I have a puppet-master and a few puppet-agents and they all must be divided. I think it's good to do this by the node's hostname. But when I tried to do this I've encountered an error

"puppet-agent[169037]: (/Stage[main]//Exec[adduser]) Could not evaluate: Could not find command 'ru1'"

see code below

exec { 'adduser': 
        command => 'sudo adduser -m -p pawSfQewWrUAA test -G wheel',
        path => [ '/bin','/usr/bin' ],
        onlyif => "$hostname == ru1"

I need to specify this task for only one node with the hostname ru1. So have can I do this? Thanks.

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FWIW - wouldn't it be easier to use the user type? – thinice May 30 '12 at 13:40

Wouldn't this be quite a lot more easier and sensible?

case $hostname {
    ru1: user {
             ensure => 'present',
             name => 'test',
             gid => 'wheel',
             password => 'pawSfQewWrUAA',

Code syntax might not be perfect, since this was just out of my head, not checking the syntax or testing this in any way. But you get the idea.

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Only is expecting a shell command to be executed, not a condition like what you have, which should be a case instead.

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Yes, should working. Thank you all. Ill check it later – Valintinr May 30 '12 at 14:26

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