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I have been tasked with migrating our corporate exchange server to office 365 :(.

The current configuration is as follows.

1: Web facing "outlook web access" on windows 2003 sp2 server 1: Exchange 2003 SP2 Mail Server on windows 2003 sp2 server

I have to perform a staged migration.

My concerns are as follows. I am following the documentation @ and all seems fine apart from outlook anywhere. Can I install outlook anywhere side by side with OWA or do I need a completely different server? Do I need to configure outlook anywhere will OWA suffice. Has anybody performed this migration before and if so can you highlight any pitfalls etc.

I have approx 110 - 120 GB of mailboxes to migrate.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I'm guessing you figured this out? – TheCleaner Oct 8 '13 at 1:38

After reading the documentation again and again I noticed that I missed the work "or". (RPC / HTTP) or Qutlook Anywhere.

Outlook Web Access works with (RPC / HTTP) :)

The Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyser tool executed successfully against outlook web access.

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