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I'm trying to import a fairly large file (5Gb, ~130M records) into a MyISAM table (mysql 5.1.61). It's been running for more than 5 hours now with no errors displayed, and I can see "LOAD DATA INFILE ..." in the process list.

However, when I run SHOW TABLE STATUS, "Data_length" for the table being updated is still 0. I wonder if that's normal - if not, I should probably abort the import to see what's wrong.

"Update_time" displayed by SHOW TABLE STATUS is up-to-date and changes quickly.

Is it normal for "Data_length" to remain zero while mysqlimport is successfully running?

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I think that the data_length field is computed after the mysqlimport is finished.

Chek the size of the data file .MYD under /mysql/install/path/databasename/table.MYD and see if it is growing.

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Thanks, the file seems to be growing. – Yuriy May 30 '12 at 16:09

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