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SCENARIO: Windows Server 2008

I am logged as administrator. When I try to access to the Documents and Settings folder, I get the error message as show in the image (point 1)

Well, i tried to check the permission on that folder, and suddenly i notice that Administrator dont have nothing set (i mean all the privileges was blank [not ticked]) so i try to edit and set those permission. When i clicked OK i got an error messages (as the point 1) that i cant access to the folder Documents and Settings.

When i back again to the security tab of this folder, Administrator is disappear as you can see in the point 2. Also the button ADD is not available to add a new user.

enter image description here

So what i misunderstanding ? or what i need to do to access that folder ?

just a note: I am developer with good skill but with basic skill about system administrator so please be patient if i am posting a silly question :) .

So i would like to know some help or tips for all the expert people on here.

Let me know if i need to post more information to help this question.

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In the Advanced section of the security dialog, you should click on the Owner tab and take ownership of the folder as Administrator. This will let you change the permissions.

enter image description here

It might be helpful for you to know that in Vista/7/2008/2008R2 Documents and Settings is simply a junction link that points to c:\users. If you're developing Windows apps, I hope you know this so that your program behaves properly :)

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really thanks or your help and info, it was usefull :) – Luka Milani May 31 '12 at 14:50

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