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This is a cross post from StackOverflow that after some consideration I believe can be asked here (not getting anything on SO).

My shop is using MVC3/FUBU on IIS 7. I recently put something into production and I wanted to gather metrics from the IIS logs using log parser. I've done this many times before with file endpoints but because the MVC3 routes are of the form /api/person/{personid}/address/{addressid} the log saves /api/person/123/address/456 in the uristem column.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get data about specific routes from IIS logs?

As an exmaple: Log Like this:


I want information about all where the route used was /api/person/{personid} so the count would be 1 in this case.

Ideally what I'd like to figure out is how to do is is have IIS log the regex for the route that is choose for a particular url. So in the IIS logs have /api/person/{personid}/address/{addressid} in a column in addition to the cs-uristem /api/person/1555/address/5555

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