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I am running Sendmail 8.14.4 on Slackware 13.37. I have the following in my /etc/mail/access file and it works without any errors:

Connect:127                   OK
Connect:10.0.1                RELAY   # Net:  office
Connect:            RELAY   # Host: glider
Connect:         RELAY   # Host: kite

The above configuration also allows me to send an e-mail via IPv6 to a local user on the mail server. However, it does not allow my office to relay via IPv6. I have tried two ways of adding IPv6 networks to my access file.

Method 1:

Connect:127                   OK
Connect:10.0.1                RELAY   # Net:  office
Connect:IPv6:2001:470:b:84a   RELAY   # Net:  office
Connect:            RELAY   # Host: glider
Connect:         RELAY   # Host: kite

Method 2:

Connect:127                   OK
Connect:10.0.1                RELAY   # Net:  office
Connect:[IPv6:2001:470:b:84a] RELAY   # Net:  office
Connect:            RELAY   # Host: glider
Connect:         RELAY   # Host: kite

However whenever I try using either method 1 or 2, I am unable to relay e-mail messages through the host.

/var/log/maillog entry:

May 31 11:57:15 freshsalmon sm-mta[25500]: ruleset=check_relay, arg1=[IPv6:2001:470:b:84a:223:6cff:fe80:35dc], arg2=IPv6:2001:470:b:84a:223:6cff:fe80:35dc, relay=[IPv6:2001:470:b:84a:223:6cff:fe80:35dc], reject=553 5.3.0 RELAY # Net:office

Test session from telnet:

syzdek@blackenhawk$ telnet -6 25
Trying 2001:470:b:84a::69...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.14.4/8.14.4; Thu, 31 May 2012 11:57:15 -0800
250 Hello [IPv6:2001:470:b:84a:223:6cff:fe80:35dc], pleased to meet you
553 5.3.0 RELAY # Net:office

What is the correct way to add an IPv6 address/network to the access file in sendmail?

Update: Apparently my access file was not working regardless. Removing the comments at the end of the line seems to have fixed the problem. Here is the lines which worked:

Connect:127                                     OK
Connect:IPv6:::1                                OK
# Net: office
Connect:10.0.1                                  RELAY
Connect:IPv6:2001:470:b:84a                     RELAY
# Host: glider
Connect:                              RELAY
Connect:IPv6:2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fedf:381a     RELAY
# Host: kite
Connect:                           RELAY
Connect:IPv6:2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:52a4     RELAY
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2001:470:b:84a isn't a valid IPv6 address by itself. At a minimum it would need to be 2001:470:b:84a:: to indicate trailing zeroes - or the complete address that sendmail is indicating in the logs (2001:470:b:84a:223:6cff:fe80:35dc).

Once you have the address the first format you tried (IPV6:...) should work.

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But I am trying to add an IPv6 network, not just a single host. What is the correct syntax for a network? As an example, I can use "10.0.1" to add the network – David M. Syzdek May 31 '12 at 21:20
I see what you mean. It may seem odd, but try fully expanding the /64 - so try IPv6:2001:0470:000b:084a (without brackets). – rnxrx May 31 '12 at 21:39
Okay, small confession. Apparently the comments at the end of the access statements are not valid. I've update my post to reflect the change. – David M. Syzdek Jun 1 '12 at 20:57

According to the examples from the configuration README, you should remove the brackets

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