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I used to have need for OSXVNC (now Vine), but with Mac OSX Leopard, I'm quite happy with the built-in VNC support.

I just am wondering how I go about uninstall this thing though. When I fire up Console app, I see OSXVNC is maintaining a log, so I assume a Daemon's running. This should be easy picking's for all Mac sysadmins.

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It should be a simple matter of opening Vine in /Applications, going into the Server, System Server menu, and clicking "Stop System Server".

If this doesn't work, navigate to /Library/LaunchAgents and look for com.redstonesoftware.VineServer.plist or anything else starting with com.redstonesoftware. Delete any files you find that look like Vine/OSXVNC and then restart the Mac.

After the launch agent has been removed, you can delete the application bundle from /Applications should you wish.

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in addition to Jason's answer, you might want to take a look at AppZapper: – Can Berk Güder Jul 12 '09 at 11:58

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