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I have a physical drive with an installation of WinXP-32 which I have made a clone of using SysInternals disk2vhd. I have no admin rights on this installation.

I have tried to boot this VHD in VirtualBox, however it blue screens on 0x0000007b. I have researched this and apparently the cause is that Windows doesn't like the IDE controller changing.

I have tried all the available controllers in VirtualBox, but they all produce the same result.

There is a Microsoft KB article which describes a method involving loading a .reg file and extracting some sys files from a CAB. This method apparently works well for many people with this problem, however it will not work for me as I don't have admin rights on the WinXP installation.

Is there anything I can do in this case? Is there any way of loading the .reg file outside the OS? or perhaps doing a repair using the WinXP CD?

Even though I have no admin rights on the source drive installation of Windows, I do obviously have full access to the file system directly on the drive and also in the VHD itself.

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By the way, I have tried booting into Safe Mode and logging in as "Administrator" with no password. This did not work. –  Ozzah Jun 1 '12 at 3:44
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