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So today I was trying to install a fresh instance of Magento v1.7.0 on my vps which is running nginx. Once I uploaded the clean install to public_html I unzipped it and entered my ip to run the install i.e. Initially I got a "SSL connection error" in chrome, so I then tried this then worked and redirected me to the magento install page but I noticed the style was broken so I went to view the source and found that every link had https:// before it. Example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css"   media="all" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="all" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="all" />

I then had a look around the default .htaccess file to see if there where any rewrites but didn't notice any.

My current Nginx config:

Note: This is happening before I have even installed magento

Any ideas what could be causing this issue?


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This question belongs on the magento forums... (for best results). The contents of the magento distribution are beyond what most of us can help with.

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