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I have a strange problem. Iam trying to create a shared folder via the add-hardware->filesystem option. For Type and Modus i choose Passtrought and for Driver Path. The Source Path is /free and target is mytag. I mount it with: mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio mytag /mnt/test -oversion=9p2000.L Everything worked without problems. But when i enter /mnt/test and do a ls, i get "ls: Öffnen von Verzeichnis . nicht möglich: Keine Berechtigung" in english something like "ls: cant open folder . no permission"

I set permissions of /free to 777 recursivly but nothing changed. Also tried some other modes in virt-manager but nothing changes. Do you have any clues, what i am doing wrong?

The guest-os ist Ubuntu 12.04 and the host-os is Ubuntu 11.10

Thank you for your help.

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